English Russia » Russian Criminal Tatoos

“Each even smallest detail can be interpreted as a biography verse from the life of tattoo owner, both police and criminals can just look at the body of the tattooed person and tell all his deeds.”

How Harvard students perceive rednecks: The neural basis for prejudice Blogs Scientific American Community

“We distinguish otherness by all sorts of indicators, from the seemingly obviously, like sex or race, to the more obviously cultural, such as whether a person is wearing, say, a Yankees cap, a Dodgers cap, or a tee-shirt that says Baseball Sucks.”

10 Who Tasted Greatness (and Choked on It) – Esquire

“What if Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier, then no one decided to follow him for three decades? That’s what happened to Murakami.”

THE GEORGE STEINER PRIZE | More Intelligent Life

“What interests me is something more limited: the split-second when something could have happened, or should have been done, and then wasn’t.”

CNS STORY: Chicago school going ‘green’ is expected to set national standard

“The stewardship component has a natural tie to Catholic teaching, said the principal, Ray Coleman.”

This Is the Least Funny Comic Strip Ever Published — Vulture — Entertainment & Culture Blog — New York Magazine

“Did the little “Love is…” girl just wake from a happy dream of 30 years of naked, sexless romance, only to remember with a gasp that her true love is dead? And where will the strip go from here?”

Rice: NATO mission in Afghanistan ‘bumpy’ :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: World

”It’s bumpy and it’s a lot of maturing that the alliance is having to do to do this,” Rice told reporters.