Lawyers, Guns and Money: Worst American Birthdays, Vol. 40

“there would be an American submarine which would surface off of Cuba and send up some star shells. And this would be the manifestation of the Second Coming and Castro would be overthrown”

ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive Project Blog

Riches and wonders

John Paul the Great T-Shirt (L) –

“If you are a fan of the late Pope John Paul II, you should love this shirt.”

World Hum | Travel Interview | Leo Hickman: In Search of the True Cost of Travel

“Tourism is a very lop-sided deal in its current form whereby the buyers—us tourists—get by far a better deal than the sellers—the people living in the destinations.”

2nd-to-last American WWI veteran dies :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Nation

“He signed up to fight the Germans again in 1941, but at age 42 was rejected as too old.”

Literago Bulletins – Super Douches Unite: James Frey and Terry Richardson

“There’s nothing inherently wrong in fictionalizing an account of your life or in lying to Oprah, but A Million Little Pieces sucked beyond reason”