Penis panic – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

“A penis panic is sometimes a mass hysteria event or panic in which males in a population suddenly exhibit symptoms of genital retraction syndrome.”

Celebrating the Semicolon in a Most Unlikely Location – New York Times

“Semicolon sightings in the city are unusual, period, much less in exhortations drafted by committees of civil servants. In literature and journalism, not to mention in advertising, the semicolon has been largely jettisoned as a pretentious anachronism.”

PREPARING FOR CUBA – 02/19/2008 –

“Although the nation of 11.3 million people represents a virgin market for all types of products and services, several sectors appear riper for immediate investment than others.”

Irvan J. Perez, 85; singer worked to preserve the Isleños language – Los Angeles Times

“He was considered the best singer of decimas in the Americas and one of the world’s few remaining speakers of the Isleños dialect, a combination of 18th-century maritime Spanish, antiquated formal Spanish and snippets of Louisiana’s Cajun French.”

Paranoid? Don’t Worry; It’s All Under Control –

“Paranoia magazine. It’s an incredible magazine, founded in 1992, circulation 15,000, published three times a year and packed with the kind of information that the mainstream media won’t tell you because they are part of them.”

Bill Emmott at PostGlobal: Fighting Chavez for Cuba

“Given the absurd and counter-productive economic embargo that America has imposed on Cuba for all these decades, this battle with Hugo Chavez is not one which America is in a great position to win.”

Banks quietly borrow $50 billion from Fed: report | Markets | Bonds News | Reuters

“The newspaper said the use of the Fed’s Term Auction Facility (TAF), which allows banks to borrow at relatively attractive rates against a wide range of their assets, saw borrowing of nearly $50 billion of one-month funds from the Fed by mid-February.”

Spring Fashion 2008 – How French ‘Vogue’ Editor Carine Roitfeld Differs From Anna Wintour — New York Magazine

“The scrappy documentary photography of these features only underlines how naturally cool such people are: Their glamour is presented as something that doesn’t need the aid of stylists and special lighting. It is innate.”

Q&A with author David Shields – Screening Room

“Two things that surprise: aging is not just for the aged, and it’s not so bad — people’s ‘ideal age’ rises as they get older.”