Porn Baron Paul Raymond Dies at 82 —

“In postwar Britain, nudity was allowed on British stages only if the subjects did not move. Raymond presented shows with models posed in topless tableaux, including one in which they were winched across the stage on platforms.”

Reason Magazine – Hit & Run > Severo Nieto, RIP

“The world’s greatest Cuban baseball historian, and probably the world’s most censored baseball historian, has passed away, I learned today. Severo Nieto was a kind man, a packrat, and a proud Cuban patriot who sincerely believed it the first several times when Fidel Castro’s wretched regime told him that, desafortunadamente, there just wasn’t enough paper to publish his dozen or so follow-ups to his debut book, which was only the first-ever Cuban baseball encyclopedia.” (h/t Kyle)

Dark Roasted Blend: The Strangest Car Chase

“Wet bench? No problem! Just rotate it a bit to the dry spot”

Los Angeles 1992 Riots

A photo album (ibid)

Hans Monderman | Obituaries |

“He trained as an advanced driving instructor and helped establish driving schools. His knowledge of how roads are designed and constructed, and his understanding of how people respond to them, prompted his interest in psychology and urban design.”

Complex Blog » Birthplace of Hip Hop Saved

“the Bronx building credited as the birthplace of Hip Hop will not be sold to make way for yuppies”

Awesome Art Hotels – Budget Travel

“Manager Hero Nakatani hired local gallery owner John Doffing to curate Hotel des Arts’ first exhibition in 2004 and then had Doffing find artists ranging from graffiti taggers to professional illustrators to redesign half of the hotel’s 51 rooms”