The Very Model of a Modern Media Mogul – New York Times

“As for Bazooka Joe, the gum mascot, he recently told a trade magazine that ‘it would be foolish of me not to try and build that character into something as much as or more than he ever was.'”

BLDGBLOG: On illustrating architecture

“I’ve always thought that comic books – in fact, entire graphic novels – are an underused graphic resource for communicating architectural and urban design ideas, so it’s exciting to see that this project more or less puts that statement to the test.”

Law & Order: Artistic Intent

“Clearly, “Law & Order” art is the movement of the future.”

This Psychologist Might Outsmart the Math Brains Competing for the Netflix Prize

Then, in November 2007, a new entrant suddenly appeared in the top 10: a mystery competitor who went by the name “Just a guy in a garage.”

02138 § The Scandals List

“Arvin, an English professor at Smith College, was arguably the most famous literary critic in America—until a 1960 police raid of his apartment yielded a cache of gay porn.”

Jonathan Jones on why we don’t care about Stonehenge | Art, Architecture & Design | Arts

“The Tesco “MegaShed” is just the final, farcical insult after the terrible news that hit Stonehenge three months ago.”