i heart photograph: emma wieslander

“from the series the museum of snow” (h/t Ashley)

The Questionable Authority : Picture Quiz: A Little Geography

“There’s an island visible in the picture below. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to identify the island, it’s location, it’s relationship to science, and (for extra credit) its relationship to American pop culture.” (h/t ptb)

Material World: Commodity Branding Far Predates Modern Capitalism

Ancient societies not only imposed strict forms of quality control over these commodities, but as today they needed to convey value to the consumer. Wengrow finds that commodities in any complex, large society need to pass through a “nexus of authenticity.”

Dan’s 20th Century Abandonware – Home Page

“If you have old software you are planning on just throwing away, please consider donating it to Dan’s 20th Century Abandonware. Your donations help preserve a part of computer history and help others enjoy the nostalgia of times gone by.”

Unsolved problems in philosophy – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

“Philosophical problems are unlike scientific or mathematical problems in that problems in philosophy are often refined rather than solved, and there is widespread belief that no philosophical problem is truly “solvable” in the conventional sense.”

Why White People Like ‘Stuff White People Like’

“The reason the phrase “it’s funny because it’s true” has become a shorthand for things that are neither (a) funny nor (b) particularly true is because humor is rarely truly satirical when its targets also make up the bulk of its audience.”

Anton Chekhov : The Student

“Here you have winter back again,” said the student (h/t Ben)