A Crude Case For War? – washingtonpost.com

“There is no single conspiracy theory about why the Bush administration allegedly waged this “war for oil.” Here are two.”

The Last Great Thing You Downloaded by The Writers – The Morning News

“That you got the thing was on equal footing with the quality of the thing. But now, though our internet connections may have widened, our tastes have narrowed, and we make no room on our drives for bum downloads.”

The Volokh Conspiracy – Fake Hyperlinks Used in FBI Child Pornography Stings:

“The key question is whether clicking on a link constitutes probable cause to search a home. There is no “automatic” answer to this question; it is always fact-specific.”

Archinect : News : Motel 6 Recognizes the Value of Design

“Look at what Target has done with fashion design in furniture,” says a rep from 6’s consulting firm.

Pharyngula: EXPELLED!

“Not only is it the extreme hypocrisy of being expelled from their Expelled movie, but there’s another layer of amusement. Deep, belly laugh funny.”

The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan – Why I Was Wrong

“I saw the opposition to the war as another example of a faulty Vietnam Syndrome, associated it with the far left, or boomer nostalgia, and was revolted by the anti-war marches I saw in Washington.”

Sri Lankans honor Arthur C. Clarke :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: World

“Students, space enthusiasts, politicians and Buddhist monks paid respects Friday to the late science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke.”