Howstuffworks “How Dubailand Works”

“In 2006, global theme park attendancegrew 2.2 percent”

Media Matters – Fox News panel ponders significance of Richardson’s beard

“Yeah, he looks better with it. I don’t know if it’s playing into the ethnic card, or whatever.”

Next American City » Daily Report » Anthropocentric Myopia

“It’s the time of year when I start fetishizing trees.”

The Agitator » Blog Archive » Hard Time Killing Fraud

“The tantrik, unwilling to admit defeat, tried the excuse that a very strong god whom Sanal might be worshipping obviously protected him. “No, I am an atheist,” said Sanal Edamaruku.”

Where: Exploring the City of Tomorrow

“If Google’s effort at TransITech is successful, live, up-to-date GPS-powered transit tracking for every major city in the country (and beyond) could be a reality much sooner than one might imagine.”

Megan McArdle (March 24, 2008) – More parents forgoing vaccinations

“I just think that people who are unvaccinated, unless they have a legitimate medical reason for same, should not be allowed to use public roads, public sidewalks, or public services.”

NewsBusters Interview: Karl Rove Slams Lefty Blogosphere, Talks Media, Praises iPhone |

“it strikes me that a lot of people on the right have got active lives and are doing other things and the idea of spending a lot of time on the internet and taking their talents and displaying them there is not something they really do”

The Frontal Cortex : Kanye West Is A Neuroscientist?

“I think one of the benefits of looking at art through the optic of neuroscience is that you can see all sorts of surprising connections. You can see that a rap star uses the same basic set of acoustic tricks as Igor Stravinsky, or Beethoven, or Brahms.”