No Offense, but You Don’t Deserve Your Salary

“I feel obliged to come clean about something that’s long troubled me: the minor fact that our entire work economy appears to be built on a little-analyzed lie.”

Tee Vee Notes « Liberal Fascism

“remembering shit isn’t funny – ask Proust.”

Patch of Sky

“You can’t breathe for a minute and you think, ‘I don’t like these people and I don’t like myself around them.’ And, like, what do you DO with that? Well, not a damn thing. You go back and keep smiling. You just keep smiling.””

Dept. of Currency: Penny Dreadful: Reporting & Essays: The New Yorker

“eliminating pennies would increase our reliance on nickels, which now cost almost ten cents to manufacture and so generate even more negative seigniorage, per coin, than pennies do”

Ants Are Experienced Fungus Farmers

“Agriculture is very rare in the animal world,” said Schultz. “We only know of four animal groups that have discovered agriculture: ants, termites, bark beetles and humans.”

James Wolcott’s Blog: Why Do Republican Men Mistreat Animals?: Wolcott’s Blog:

“One of the things that distinguished this book from others devoted to animal welfare, the daily holocaust of factory farming, and the protection of endangered species was that the author was a former speechwriter for President Bush”