The Chicago that never was

“The story of what didn’t get built is as compelling, if not more so, as what did get built in Chicago”

Inside the Black Budget – New York Times

“It is, according to a new book, part of the hidden reality behind the Pentagon’s classified, or “black,” budget that delivers billions of dollars to stealthy armies of high-tech warriors. The book offers a glimpse of this dark world through a revealing lens — patches — the kind worn on military uniforms.”

Annals of Religion: Project Trinity: Reporting & Essays: The New Yorker

““I have never seen so many white people here in my life!” It was Good Friday on the South Side of Chicago, at Trinity United Church of Christ, which has been Senator Barack Obama’s church for about twenty years”

Free the Piano Player

“What few of today’s concertgoers know is that there was once a time when classical recitals were very different—less straitlaced, more improvisational, and, above all, more populist in tone. But just as the playing styles of classical performers changed with the coming of modernism, so did the way in which performers learned to present themselves to the public.”

Six Insane Online Games With Political Agendas |

“Craig experienced everything from Faith Fighter’s non-denominational, one-on-one, beat ’em up appeal to Eternal Forces’ Christian evangelism to the hysterically fanatical Jihadi simulator Night of Bush Capturing.”

The Frontal Cortex : Head Cases

“There’s no shortage of books on neurological patients with brain injuries, but Head Cases, the new book by Michael Paul Mason, is one of my recent favorites.”