Light posting again today.

All-Terrain Vehicle Fatalities — West Virginia, 1999–2006

“This analysis determined that lower socioeconomic status, lower level of education attained, and single or divorced marital status were associated with higher rates of ATV-related deaths in West Virginia during 1999–2006.”

The Smart Set: Tour of Duty – March 29, 2008

“Why travel, I thought, if not to be disabused of propaganda?”

Cat Found « Newscoma

“You don’t have to live in rural America to appreciate the absolute wonder of this poster.”

things magazine

“Architectural media has a habit of creaming off the most interesting work, a tiny percentage of a percentage, casting an almost wholly skewed and inaccurate portrait of any contemporary scene.”

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | First movie of ‘tsunami’ on Sun

“Astronomers have captured the first footage of a solar “tsunami” hurtling through the Sun’s atmosphere at over a million kilometres per hour.”

The Violent, Passionate Life Of An Octopus, The Sea Creature’s Complex Mating Rituals Can Involve Jealousy, Deception, Death – CBS News

“wild octopuses are far from the shy, unromantic loners their captive brethren appear to be”