40th Anniversary: The New York Books Canon — New York Magazine

“our fabled ‘texture’ of foreign / and native poverties.”

Outsourcing at Home

“Three years ago, it didn’t make sense for Assembla to hire anyone in the U.S. because labor costs were so low in India. But now, “as costs change, we end up with a lot more Americans,” Singleton says.”

Dissent Magazine

“Left to their own devices, financial institutions will choose high-risk, high-return lending opportunities. Partly that’s because executive compensation is tied to quarterly profits, but it’s also because investors want the highest return.”

Why Things Cost $19.95: Scientific American

“something fundamental might be going on, that some characteristic of the opening bid itself might influence the way the brain thinks about value and shapes bidding behavior.”

The Bonddad Blog: Why Transports Matter

“A good report from a transportation company indicates the economy is doing well. The converse is also true.”

Antiquity was richer than we think

“On the basis of that evidence it appears likely that at its peak the classical economy was almost as large as that of Western Europe on the eve of the Industrial Revolution.”

An Orthodox Messiah – The Current

“We might condemn Kuznetsov by the standards of normal people, but by the standards of Messiahs, so far so good.”