Then and now – Harold, Daily

“Then, as now, rapacious corporations strode over the land, corrupting politics, exploiting aggrieved workers and leaving citizens at large appalled by the damage that the untrammeled pursuit of profit had done to their cities and civic values. The difference is, back then the new biz schools hoped to bring civilized values to the running of business.”

This Thing Isn’t Over By a Long Shot – Bondad

“Here’s the central problem: the Fed is pouring money into the financial system. Yet interest rates are still spiking”

The Newseum, Designed by Polshek Partnership Architects, Occupies a Prominent Site in Washington – New York Times

“Despite its lofty tone, the design reeks of parochialism, not bold ideas. Its galleries, stuffed with mostly superficial exhibitions, seem engineered to accelerate the flow of crowds rather than for patient contemplation. If the building reveals anything about the state of journalism today, it conveys the industry’s anxieties over the shrinking attention span of the average American.”

Desert Getaway – BLDGBLOG

“The Guardian reports this morning that Donna Vassar, “part of the Vassar education dynasty, has launched plans to build a $300m (£150m) private getaway for stressed-out presidents and prime ministers who want to ‘reconnect with their unique purpose in life’.”

Frog Without Lungs Found in Indonesia —

“Bickford says the species is the first frog known to science without lungs and joins a short list of amphibians with this unusual trait, including a few species of salamanders and a wormlike creature known as a caecilian.”