Orcinus – Are FLDS women brainwashed?

“this is just one example of the ways that ignorance of the backstory cheats the rest of us out of a real understanding of what’s going on here”

things magazine

“The recent scandal in Texas has had a relatively minimal impact on UK news, but we were struck by the genuine strangeness of the architecture. “

BLDGBLOG: Hotels in the Afterlife

‘They are resorts that never quite happened, then, with names like Sultan’s Palace and the Magic Life Imperial. This makes them “monuments to failed investment.”‘

OCAPA, Oregon Concrete & Aggregate Producers Association

“Two leading structural engineers pick their favorite feats of man-made wonder.”

Calculated Risk: Grubb & Ellis expects large increase in Office Vacancy Rate

“The CRE slump has arrived.”

Home Prices Drop Most in Areas with Long Commute : NPR

“For residents who work in the city, their commute is around an hour on trouble-free days. But that can extend upward toward two hours.”

Behind Analysts, the Pentagon’s Hidden Hand – New York Times

“Most of the analysts have ties to military contractors vested in the very war policies they are asked to assess on air.”