Critics Cost Muslim Educator Her Dream School – New York Times

She added that the media attention had led to a “chaotic experience” for students. “Adults have created this, and children are the ones who have had to endure,” she said.

Paul Krugman – Op-Ed Columnist – New York Times Blog

“The Bush administration faked its numbers by pretending that it wanted the tax cut to expire — but hey, they didn’t really mean it, so we shouldn’t consider extending the Bush cuts as something that imposes any new revenue loss. The Bush administration pretended that nothing needed to be done about AMT, but hey, everyone knows that was fraud, so we shouldn’t consider abolishing the AMT a real cost. So most of the McCain proposal isn’t really a tax cut!”

50 best cult books – Telegraph

“The book that gave 1970s idealism a bad name, the nauseating story of a seagull who defies his fellows to soar into the heavens. “The only true law,” the bird solemnly tells us, “is that which leads to freedom.” Richard Nixon’s FBI director, L Patrick Gray, ordered all his staff to read it.”

A Farewell to Arms – The Current

“Viktor Bout, the arms-dealing sociopath alleged to have supplied weapons to almost every conflict in Africa, has a point when he says that he is just a taxi driver: no one expects a taxi driver to scrutinize his fare and decide whether he’s on a morally righteous outing.”

The Detritus Review: Composer of the Day!

“Some people like atonal music! To wit: a recent French production of his opera Il Prigioniero, a meditation on contemporary Fascism and freedom vis-a-vis an analogy with the Spanish Inquisition.”