Armando Iannucci: It’s one small step for chumps in my brave new world | Comment is free | The Observer

“the bulk of us achieve enough but nothing special, while historians propagate the myth that the course of mankind is set by pioneering brilliance”

Websites Go Crazy Tracking Urban Eccentrics

“I don’t think Juan the Frye Apartment Guy wants to be a celebrity in any way”

ESPN – Rouse in oblivion five years after Baylor scandal – Men’s College Basketball

“The conversation exposed Bliss’ plan to paint Dennehy, the murder victim, as a drug dealer in order to cover up Bliss’ NCAA-violating payment to Dennehy.”

Sadly, No! » Ramengate Comes To A Boil

“Let the diamond-studded plutocrats sip their boughten Kool-Aid.”

Irvine Housing Blog – The Ultimate Post

“There are bad loans, there are really bad loans, and then there are loans like this one. It boggles the mind. If this property sells for its asking price, the total loss to the lender will be $648,700 assuming a 6% commission.”

Economic Troubles Affect the Vegas Strip – New York Times

“Las Vegas has a huge inventory of new casinos and hotels due for completion in the next few years, and a long national recession could send the city reeling.”