Think Progress » Report: Bush fired Karl Rove at church.

“When Karl Rove left his job at the White House in August 2007, he told the Washington Post, “I’m leaving on my own terms.””

Commentary Magazine – New Subscriptions

“Our full-color 39″ x 26″ World Terrorism wall map includes detailed inset maps highlighting countries battling narco-, Maoist, and Islamist terrorism”

The Book Bench: Online Only: The New Yorker

“The question that begins, “Do you like to curl up with a printed book…?” seems a wee bit loaded, for instance.”

Flexing Your Buying Power – Dress for Less and Less –

“Clothing is one of the few categories in the federal Consumer Price Index in which overall prices have declined — about 10 percent — since 1998 (the cost of communication is another).”

Anglo Iranian Oil – Jamd

“circa 1910: Oil flowing over a derrick from one of the first wells to be drilled at Masjid-i-Suleiman in Iran”