Today is the Day

Inexplicable and fascinating (h/t S.)

The Worst Building in the History of Mankind – Ryugyong Hotel – Pyongyang – Hotel of Doom – Esquire

“Construction on the Hotel of Doom stopped in 1992 (rumors maintain that North Korea ran out of money, or that the building was engineered improperly and can never be occupied)”

How Bush Stacks Up: Politics & Power:

“reading it is like being lectured by a ham sandwich for 450-plus pages”

Oskar Sala RIP

“The tragedy of his death: Oskar Sala didn’t manage to teach anyone to play his instrument. So there was one and only one, who made music with the “Mixtur-Trautonium”. The possibly un-approachable delved deep into a sound-technique world at lonely heights. He certainly was aware of his uniqueness, enjoyed it, kept it – and carried it into his grave.”

LRB · Hilary Mantel: That Wilting Flower

“What an enticing prospect: A-Z elucidation, or at least the admission in print that most of life’s pressing questions are never answered. But won’t all the entries begin with ‘W’? Where has youth gone? Why dost thou lash that whore? Why are you looking at me like that? And of course the question that trails us from playgroup to dementia ward: well, if you will go on like that, what else did you expect?”

Charles W. Moore: Piazza d’Italia, New Orleans

“While fine works of modernist landscape architecture across the country—parks and plazas by the likes of Dan Kiley and Lawrence Halprin—are apparently doomed, this little slice of architectural esoterica gets a reprieve.”

MFD, MPH: First Post

“Meanwhile, journalists everywhere have dutifully reported the study results as given in the press release.”