• Throw this on some eggs

Hot sauce is the most make-or-break condiment. The proof is in the 57 comments on Grant Brissey’s four-sentence blog post for the Slog, titled “Dear Restaurants Who Carry Tabasco as Your Only Hot Sauce.” Though Tabasco’s chipotle version has been deemed by (a pair of) Reader employees as serviceable, we agree with Brissey that the hot sauce brand is typically weak and too often offered as the only option at restaurants. He offers a levelheaded, cost-effective suggestion:

“You need to also carry, at the very least, the superior-in-every-way Tapatio sauce—it’s also made in the United States of America, has a fuller flavor, and is a bargain anywhere it’s sold. What’s more, it’s made in the West, and we all know the West is the Best.”