* John Oliver, Saturday, Lakeshore Theater. I already have a Critic’s Choice in the paper this week for the Daily Show star, but just wanted to add that The Department, his BBC radio series with Chris Addison (star of In the Loop) and Andy Zaltzman (who does “The Bugle,” a Times of London podcast with Oliver), might actually be his best work. I don’t think you can buy it… but it can be obtained.

* DJ Qbert, Friday, Smart Bar. A chance to see one of the most virtuosic DJs in the world. If you’ve heard Dr. Octagon’s Dr. Octagonecologyst, you’ve heard him; if not, here’s “Bear Witness.” If you need more, try Wave Twisters.

More DJ Qbert: the crab scratch he invented; an awesome crab scratch demo (love the t-shirt); the crab scratch in notation; DJ Qbert demonstrating cutting.