On Tuesday Conrad Black completes his first year of a six-year prison sentence for fraud. Theresa Tedesco of Canada’s National Post, a newspaper Black launched while he owned the Sun-Times, reports that he’s eating granola, tutoring other prisoners at Florida’s Coleman federal prison, reading, and writing, and remaining his own man. Of David Radler, the business partner (and former Sun-Times publisher) who pleaded guilty, testified against him, and is already free again, Black had this to say:

“He has confessed to lying and stealing, and his prosecution sponsors have declared that he is a perjurer, having extorted and suborned his perjury. My co-defendants and I are innocent of these charges, as he knows. We apparently have different values, and I would not change places with him.”

As a point of reference, here’s a story from the CBC written a year ago, as Black reported to prison.

Thnx to Susan Berger for the head’s up. Visit Berger’s blog, blacksjustice.com, for all things Conradian.