• Suitcase of Love and Shame

On Monday at 7 PM Constellation, the northwest-side arts venue, will host a screening of Suitcase of Love and Shame (2013), a documentary feature compiled from 60 hours of reel-to-reel tape that director Jane Gillooly found in a suitcase she purchased on eBay. Those tapes were recorded sometime in the 1960s by a midwestern woman and the man with whom she had an adulterous love affair. “The listener/viewer is variously located within and outside the events—complicit and voyeuristic,” Gillooly wrote in an artist’s statement. “The ‘eavesdropping viewer’ is compelled, despite feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable with the access they have been given into the transgressions they imagine they see.”

This event kicks off a new monthly series called “Run of Life,” an experimental documentary showcase programmed by Beckie Stocchetti (former program director at Chicago Filmmakers and current staff member at Kartemquin Films) and the Nightingale Cinema‘s Christy LeMaster. As the latter explained to me via e-mail, “We’re hoping to gather all the city’s nonfiction folks under one roof to discuss the changing aesthetics of the documentary form—the journalists, the doc makers, and the experimental crowd.” Each screening will be preceded by a shorter experimental documentary work, though not necessarily in cinematic form. (The Constellation website says it could be a live performance, an audio recording, or an interactive presentation.) Stocchetti and LeMaster have yet to announce the first attraction for this week’s screening, meaning you’ll have to show up to find out what it is.