A couple of months ago I noted that Dresden Doll Amanda Palmer had been having some issues with her label, Roadrunner Records, the main one being that Roadrunner wanted to recut her “Leeds United” video because, in her words, “they basically told me that i looked too fat.”

Apparently things haven’t gotten smoothed over so much, because this just happened:

If you’re not in the mood to click on the video, it’s Palmer singing “Moon River” with a new set of lyrics. She’s now actually begging for her label to drop her so she can get on with her career. I would say that the situation has gotten a little out of hand, no?

My favorite line: “I’m not making you any money / Plus you’ll still have Slipknot.” Though I’m not so sure that she’s not actually making them any money. Why else would Roadrunner stick with an artist who’s willing to repeatedly badmouth them in public? If all they’re looking for out of Palmer is to be a token chick on their roster, I’m sure they can find another one who’d be more polite.

(via the Daily Swarm)