Inside the second auditorium of the New 400
  • Inside the second auditorium of the New 400

The New 400, the independent four-screen movie theater in Rogers Park, reopened Friday after ten days of being closed for renovations. During the interim, management excavated and refinished the tile floors in the men’s room, which had been out of public view for decades; installed new screens in each of the four auditoriums; and, inevitably, replaced their 35-millimeter projectors with digital cinema units. When I spoke to manager Tom Klein back in February, he told me the theater had been holding off on converting to digital projection because of how much the procedure would cost. Thanks in part to a financing plan offered by the DCP provider Sonic, the New 400 managed to keep up with the times. But I suspect there are other theaters out there that aren’t so fortunate, given the going rate of $70,000 per DCP projector.