As Chief Keef’s “Faneto” gradually takes over hip-hop, more and more MCs flock to the song via new remixes—Chicagoan Katie Got Bandz is one of the many rappers who have added their voice to the mix in the past couple days. If you’ve spent any significant time listening to the booming track (or watched a large portion of the 62-minute “Faneto: The Movie”) it’d be good to play something else to cleanse your palette. Fortunately last night local three-piece Hurt Everybody dropped I Know Where the Light Goes, an 18-minute EP of futuristic, spaced-out hip-hop tracks that sound like they’re melting into one another as you listen. Hurt Everybody’s got a knack for creating atmosphere, and the six songs create a spacious cool-off zone. Take a listen below, and let it lead you into a relaxing afternoon and weekend.