The Gulfstream G5 in flight

  • The Gulfstream G5 in flight

On Friday I posted the news that Soulja Boy had spent $55 million on his own personal Gulfstream G5 jet with a lavishly customized interior that included a “giant, LUXURIOUS bathroom,” as TMZ emphatically put, which still cracks me up. I realize now that I should have emphasized in the earlier post how fake-sounding the news was—especially when you consider that none of his albums has even gone platinum—because it turned out to be fake after all. TMZ’s posted a retraction, but the UPI’s version reads funnier:

The entertainment site says it heard about the jet from Shai Storm, described as part of the singer’s management team, from an assistant and from Soulja Boy himself. Soulja Boy reportedly said “Hell yes, I bought it,” when asked about the jet.

My assertion that Soulja Boy is some strange variety of genius remains unaffected by the revelation.