Kerry Wood just went on the DL, which means it’s time for baseball. Even as a Cardinals fan, I can’t find the Wood story anything other than tragic. Wood got oversold for one great game–“Mr. Jordan, meet Mr. Wood“–that’s dogged him ever since. If the generous strike zone Wood had for his famed 20 Ks against the Astros had been a bit smaller, I think we’d all have a more realistic view of his career.

Speaking of Cubs tragedies, the New York Times has a long profile of Adam Greenberg, the prospect whose major league career may have been ended by a beanball on the first pitch he saw in the majors.

Jayson Stark reports some good news in his ESPN Insider blog: scouts are geeked about Jeff Samardzija (subscription necessary), whom you may remember as a long-haired wideout for Notre Dame. “Best arm I’ve seen…. they had to get him back to the minor leagues to keep Lou (Piniella) from taking him north.” Then again, I have as much faith in Cubs pitching prospects at this point as I have in the Bush administration. We’ll see how Rich Hill does this year and then I’ll start listening again.

White Sox news… um, Jimbo’s might reopen. John Danks is looking good, but all that means to me is no knuckleballs from Charlie Haeger. It’s a dying art, and someone has to make sacrifices to support it.

After watching Lou Piniella’s stint as a sedate, soft-spoken color commentator, I’m glad to see he’s back in the dugout. Here’s a nice clip from his time managing the beleaguered Devil Rays; it’s about 20 f-bombs short on the Lee Elia index, but I reckon he’s got a couple years in Chicago to set new standards for profanity.