Bad news for fans of aggressively mellow R & B-inflected indie pop: Swedish buzz band JJ have canceled their appearance at the Pitchfork Music Festival. The slightly grittier San Francisco garage combo Sonny & the Sunsets will be taking their place.

Pitchfork announced the lineup change today, as well as the festival’s nonmusic attractions, which will be familiar to anyone who’s been before: an installment of the American Poster Institute’s poster-show series Flatstock, a Rock for Kids booth, a record fair to benefit CHIRP, and a clothes ‘n’ stuff bazaar, which is apparently being billed as Coterie this year, something that may also have happened in the past but that I wouldn’t have been aware of because I’m not a lady. No word on whether the hippies who sell the amazing iced coffee treats are coming back, but I have a feeling they are.

Individual tickets for all three days are still available, but P4K notes that Sunday, when Pavement headlines, looks likely to sell out soon.