Everyone — aka LTH Forum — is abuzz this month with news of El Cubanito, a tiny (no, seriously, TINY) Cuban sandwich shack at 2555 N. Pulaski. But the reported out-the-door lines were nowhere in evidence last Thursday when a friend and I checked it out. Which was, you know, great for us but did leave me wondering again about the echo chamber tendencies of the Internet.

Or maybe we just missed the lunch rush.

In any case, the sandwich itself was terrific: a perfectly balanced blend of tender pork, briny ham, and Swiss cheese on classically chalky Cuban bread. My only quibble was with the stingy application of pickle, of which I was hard pressed to find more than a slice and which, per LTHF, appears to be a common problem. The can of Ironbeer I washed it down with was equally revelatory: a sort of dilute, fruity Dr. Pepperish brew known in Cuba as “champagne cola” and packaged with some punchy Soviet-propaganda-style graphics. I hope to make it back to try the elusive ropa vieja sometime soon.