Shirin Mozaffaris The Story of Ama and Baba

  • Shirin Mozaffari’s “The Story of Ama and Baba”

Rebecca Schoenecker‘s girlish narration and animated puppets imbue a storybook glow to her liberation fable Sphinx, screening in Creation, Destruction, Chaos, a program Schoenecker curated of animated takes on legends and war stories Saturday 3/20 at High Concept Laboratories.

Featuring Shirin Mozaffari‘s stop motion creation myth The Story of Ama and Baba, Jeremy Bessoff’s flying ace puppet dream Ghost Conversations, Jim Trainor‘s Peruvian POW tale The Presentation Theme, Jodie Mack‘s animated photo negative WWII tragedy Lilly, Diane Christiansen‘s Notes to Nonself, and Matt Marsden’s natural history meditation Wormroom. Schoenecker’s puppets will be on display.

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