• Richard A. Chapman/Sun-Times
  • Mayor Rahm and fellow politicians watch bikers ride by.

With all due respect to my many bike-riding friends in Chicago, I’ve long believed that many of the leaders of the organized cycling community around here have been a little too wimpy over the last few years.

Especially during Mayor Daley’s era.

As we all know, Mayor Daley himself was a biking enthusiast who endorsed the overall biking cause.

He added bike lanes and bike racks and sponsored bike-to-work ceremonies at which many biking enthusiasts genuflected to him as though he were the Sun King.

As a result, I created the following truism about bicyclers and politics in Chicago. Here goes . . .

Give a biking enthusiast a bike path, and he’s your vote in the next election. Give him a bike path and a bike rack and he’s your vote for life!

I have had so many arguments with bike riders through the years who have told me that they’re voting for the man. That’s why I’m happy to report that the monthly bike gathering Critical Mass will be taking a strong stand today against Mayor Emanuel’s proposed school closings!