Cutup that he is, Reader music writer Peter Margasak recently forwarded me an e-mail press release from Ba Da Bing! Records and exclaimed, “Your prophecy is coming true!” What he meant was that the Brooklyn-based Ba Da Bing! had just signed former Chicago band Cross Record—and in this year’s Best of Chicago issue I had proclaimed front woman Emily Cross the “Best Candidate to Be the Next Angel Olsen.” (In hindsight I kind of regret the category name because it seems dismissive towards Cross. Her music doesn’t really sound like Angel Olsen’s; I meant it more as a comment on her impending success.)

The label is a good fit for Cross’s haunting, occasionally experimental mix of drone and folk. Its impressive alumni include the likes of Sharon Van Etten, Six Organs of Admittance, and Beirut, and the current roster features Xenia Rubinos, the Dead C, and Lady Lamb the Beekeeper. It’s a haven for singer-songwriters, but definitely not the type you’ll find at an open mike Monday. Ba Da Bing! is currently planning on distributing the 300 remaining vinyl copies of the awesome Be Good (I eyed one at Saki during my last visit), as well as releasing the album on CD for the first time. Cross Record, now located in Austin, will be releasing the follow-up on Ba Da Bing! as well.

The entire Be Good album was once available on Cross Record’s Bandcamp page, but now you’re just going to have to deal with a sampler. Them’s the breaks, I guess.