Usually I don’t see much point in plugging other media. Today’s an exception. National Public Radio’s “Morning Edition” is paying attention to something that Americans of all political persuasions–myself included–would prefer to ignore and hope just goes away.

It won’t. When everything else has been swept away, history will remember the early 2000s as the time when the United States became a torturing nation while a weak president spoke in generalities and looked the other way.  Absent a major turnaround and a no-holds-barred investigation that goes all the way to the top, this shame is what we will be remembered for.

Torture provides no useful intelligence and the practice is already corrupting doctors, who have helped cover it up.  Here’s more, including Steve Inskeep’s interview with Dr. Steven Miles of the University of Minnesota, who has systematically documented this corruption in his new book Oath Betrayed: Torture, Medical Complicity, and the War on Terror.

Among bloggers, gay conservative Andrew Sullivan has kept an eye on this over at the Daily Dish.