Yet another depressing public service announcement: earlier this month, the Michigan house belonging to Question Mark of Question Mark & the Mysterians burned to the ground: photos of the damage are here. As you can see, a total loss–including, of course, all the memorabilia from his entire career. Local news report here; maybe the saddest part is that his seven Yorkies died in the fire.

If you’re familiar at all with the Mysterians’ story (recounted nicely by my colleague J.R. Jones in the linked article), you might guess that despite their million-selling hit “96 Tears” Question Mark and his bandmates weren’t exactly set for life, an impression upheld by the fact that his house and everything in it were reportedly uninsured. 

He’s putting out a call: anyone who has memories to share (perhaps someone who photographed or taped his Empty Bottle performance from a few years back?) please visit the Mysterians’ MySpace page or send  stuff to Question Mark & the Mysterians, PO Box 96, Clio, Michigan 48420.

Benefit concerts have been announced for Detroit, Saint Louis, and New York, and one is being planned for Chicago (at the Empty Bottle) in March. See the official benefit page for updates and donation information.