• Next time you have a free hour or ten, try riding to every station

This isn’t racing to beat CTA trains and buses—though depending on traffic and construction delays, bikes, rollerblades, Segways, and occasionally pedestrians could win that competition. Instead, it involves riding the CTA to all 143 el stops in an attempt to break existing records for speed. British subway racer Adham Fisher, who’s broken Guinness world records for riding public transit in several cities in Europe, set the first CTA-riding record in Chicago last March, riding to all of the train stations in the system in nine hours, 36 minutes, and 33 seconds. It stood until this February, when Chicagoans Danny Resner and John Greenfield proved that it’s not only foreigners who are crazy enough to voluntarily spend nearly ten straight hours on the el (their record was 9:30:59).