• 8:56:33 is the new record for riding the whole system

As I mentioned last week, CTA racing—riding to all 143 CTA stations as quickly as possible—has become oddly popular in Chicago in the last year or so. Actually, “popular” may be a stretch, but there have been more than half a dozen people who’ve spent nine to ten hours riding the train to break the record for fastest trip, and last week Englishman Adham Fisher returned to reclaim the title.

According to a post by John Greenfield on Grid Chicago, Fisher broke his own record over the weekend while participating in what was supposed to be a friendly competition against Greenfield and Danny Resner, who held the record for a couple months this year until two other teams broke it in quick succession early last month. It’s a surprisingly interesting write-up of an event that, honestly, sounds to me like it would be pretty boring (there was even a ruse involved). Anyway, for those of you who are dying to go break the record, it now stands at 8:56:33.