In the event that you haven’t quite swallowed the dispiriting new post-Blagojevich narrative about the irredeemable corruption apparently endemic to Illinois–Whet had a great Chicagoland post about it a few days back–and are thus still capable of taking pride in anything that’s publicly connected to Chicago, you might want to look into this call for music from the producers of We Believe: Chicago and Its Cubs, a documentary in progress that’s due for release in 2009. Allegedly it’s the first to receive the team’s blessing in more than 30 years.

Basically they’re looking for local bands doing songs about Chicago. It’s a little unclear whether they want covers or originals, but you can e-mail yourmusic [at] webelievethemovie [dot] com with questions if you’re just as lousy as me at parsing the instructions.

The winning song will appear in the movie (alongside the likes of Frank Sinatra and Billy Corgan) and will also be collected on a CD with the rest of the ten top submissions. That means you stand to gain a cut of any album-sales revenue along with the non-negligible exposure of having your music in a nationally distributed Cubs documentary. So get cracking! What rhymes with Kosuke Fukudome?

UPDATE: The producers have replied to clarify that they are looking for cover songs about Chicago, not original tunes.