I was reading Jon Hilkevitch’s latest article in the Tribune on our city’s deranged parking meter program and it came to me: Chicago voters are like Cub fans.

No, no, really–stay with me. I think I’m on to something here.

Back in the good old days, Cub fans were like their team–lovable losers. They bought their tickets and went to Wrigley and drank their beer and ate their hot dogs and cheered their team, win or lose.

Everything changed in 2003, after the Cubs blew a 3-1 game lead against Florida in the National League Championship Series. Now the fans still pay to come to Wrigley. But just being isn’t good enough anymore. They expect to win. And when they lose, as the Cubs tend to do, the fans express their rage by booing, jeering, and sometimes screaming racial invective. Instead of being silly bobble heads, they’ve became nasty ones. 

Of course, if they really wanted to send the Cubs a message, they’d take a page from White Sox fans and stop buying tickets to the games. You don’t see White Sox fans paying good money to see a bad team. 

And that’s where the analogy to Chicago’s voters come in. For year and years, Chicago voters were a bunch of lovable losers who voted for Mayor Daley and his band of merry aldermen despite all the waste, incompetence and corruption. It was like a big drunken frat party. They loved the mayor. He was so cute, charming and chubby–like a bat boy for the Cubs. It really didn’t matter what he did.

I think the parking meter debacle is like the 2003 playoff collapse. Now voters are angry. Nasty. Foaming at the mouth. They want investigations. 

The question is will they be like Cub fans and keep coming back for more?

The funny thing is that Sox fans make up a big chunk of the electorate. You’d think they’d know better.