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  • Anthony Rizzo: His hands are lower and his performance better with the Cubs—so far

Funny, isn’t it, how baseball, with its emphasis on the individual, will sort out a guy who already had all eyes upon him.

The ball will find you, players say, and it found Anthony Rizzo Tuesday—in a good way.

Rizzo is the poster boy of the Theo Epstein era in Chicago. He was beloved as a prospect by Epstein and lieutenant Jed Hoyer in Boston, so when Hoyer went to take over San Diego he traded win-now first baseman Adrian Gonzalez to Epstein’s Red Sox for the future as embodied in Rizzo.

When Epstein and Hoyer were reunited here atop the Cubs’ baseball operations last winter, one of the first things they did was bring in Rizzo for prized 100-mile-an-hour pitching prospect Andrew Cashner.

Having stunk it up last year in San Diego during his cup of bitter coffee with the Padres, Rizzo cooled his heels in Iowa the first few months of the season and tore it up. Tuesday night he made his Cubs debut against the hated New York Mets.