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Playing in different leagues, the Cubs and White Sox don’t often get the chance to help each other out.

And they prefer it that way—at least, most of their fans do.

Yet this week’s interleague play finds the Sox facing the Cubs’ archrivals in Saint Louis, while the Cubs host the Detroit Tigers, the odds-on preseason choice to take the AL Central.

There’s no doubt about whom the games mean more to. The Sox, in first place, need to beat the Cardinals and hope the Cubs don’t lie down for the Tigers to put that sputtering team back on its feet.

The Cubs, meanwhile, are last in the NL Central, ahead of only the San Diego Padres in all of baseball, and trying simply to stave off a record for worst season in the team’s history. They have little hope of catching the third-place Cards this year, much less the current division leaders, the Cincinnati Reds.

What’s more, most Cubs fans would likely prefer the Cards beat the Sox to at least preserve some National League pride.

That’s not how it’s working out, however; at least not at first.