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  • Alfonso Soriano in sunnier times — not that he wasn’t pretty glowing on Friday.

I went by Wrigley Field on the el early Friday evening expecting to see either the big white W flag or the dark blue L, but instead the lights were on, the team pennants were flapping from the center-field scoreboard, and I could just see fans huddled up under the roof of the upper deck, the first few rows empty, as a light rain fell.

It seems the heavy earlier rain, which pretty much came and went downtown, so soaked the Friendly Confines that they had to wait until five o’clock to get the game started—for a first pitch scheduled at 1:20.

Thank the stinginess of modern-day baseball for the protracted delay. Where a generation ago they would have likely called a rain out and played a doubleheader, baseball can’t afford to lose the date any more. So with the Arizona Diamondbacks making their only trip to Chicago, they waited as long as it took.

I could have gotten off the train and walked in—except the game was already probably over by then.