Must go public with a current gastronomic pash: kyuri su at the sometimes surprisingly good pan-Asian Streeterville joint Bistro Pacific. It’s possible I’m in love with their cucumber-slicing apparatus as much as the dish itself, but the end product is fabulous, regardless: icy-cold cucumber–perfectly, consistently paper-thin–a tiny unwavering bead of dark green encircling each diaphanous slice that feels in its thinness not long for this earth but still surprisingly sturdy (I really hate cucumber from which all Crunch has been excised). The whole generous interleaved pile of vegetable is dotted with black and white sesame seeds and doused with sweet vinegar and lemon, lots of lemon. There’s something daring about the lemon–people always describe the flavor of lemon as “bright,” and here it actually is–it pushes the flavors into a new place. Feel like you’re eating something that might glow in your stomach. Due to the coldness and sweetness of the dish you could almost classify it as a dessert (and me as a kid for liking it), but so far it’s never disappointed. The staff there are really nice too.