In Heads Up Julia listed the screening of Mountains, Buildings and Deserts: One Chef’s Journey, that was to be held at Cordis Brothers on Monday.

The event’s been postponed, but in lieu of that, check out Chicago-based Cuisine Populaire’s Web site, which is more than just a promotional tool for the outfit that made the film. Bob Borchardt started the company in 2004, and it evolved from issuing food-focused podcasts and e-newsletters into a globetrotting video production company. Borchardt hires himself out to food producers and the like to film such events as the Telluride Wine Festival and Spain’s Copa Jerez Cooking Competition, but in the meantime publishes semiregular travel features on the Web, focusing on a particular region or city’s food culture. Past issues have covered Oaxaca, Argentina, Maremma, Alsace, Barcelona, and currently Vietnam. Borchardt says the next one, due to go up in April or May, will focus on Jerez.