Well the 2011 mayoral race just got quite a bit more interesting. Cynthia Plaster Caster, famed sculptor, groupie, and rock ‘n’ roll muse just threw her hat into the ring.

For those of you who are criminally not up on their Chicago and/or rock music history, Plaster Caster was one of the most famous, and certainly the most eccentric, of classic rock-era groupies. Pretty much everyone you’ll hear during a good hour on the Drive—as well as a fair who’s-who of more countercultural types—has had his dick preserved for posterity via her nominal casting process. They even made a movie about her.

Cynthia’s campaign website and Facebook page don’t skimp on the dick jokes—it’s almost inevitable that she’d have to advertise herself as being “Hard on Crime”—but the press release announcing her candidacy soberly enough only includes a single obvious boner reference.

There are two rallies planned for candidate Plaster Caster, both at fitting venues: November 5th at the Jackhammer and November 15th at Schubas.

We’ll be following this story for sure.

Full press release after the jump: