Here’s a bonus show option for this evening, and it should be a good one: on October 23, Uz Jsme Doma, (pronounced like Uzh Smeh Doe-ma, roughly) will release their first full-length since 2001, Cod Liver Oil, on Skoda Records (who don’t appear to have a functioning Web site at the moment). They play Martyrs’ at 9 ($18 advance; $20 at door), along with Zappa tribute Project/Object.

Uz Jsme Doma got a lot of attention in the late 90s as the younger, wickeder generation of Velvet Revolution rockers (the great Plastic People of the Universe were the granddaddies of this movement, and generally set the tone: burbling, occasionally anarchic but often technically dazzling prog-rock awash in layers of symbolic snark), but personnel changes laid them relatively low for a number of years. Making elaborate music and taking it on the road can be even more challenging than sneaking illegal gigs under the nose of the police, one supposes. The “new” album, which features intricate arrangements involving choirs and strings, haunting Euro-requiems, techno-gypsy ululations, and cold Plutonian prog terrain, was recorded in 2003; the band is only now getting around to a North American release and tour. Founding member Miroslav (Mirek) Wanek wrote all the music and lyrics.