• Dam-Funk on the cover of the STFU EP

Dam-Funk hasn’t been inactive since he dropped his double-disc debut Toeachizown (Stones Throw) in 2009—there’s been a collection of rarities (2010’s Adolescent Funk), a collaboration with Slave drummer Steve Arringon (2013’s Higher), and a famous collaboration with Snoop Dogg (last year’s 7 Days of Funk, and I cannot call him Snoopzilla). But he has yet to release a follow-up to Toeachizown, which is a two-hour monorail ride of retrofuturistic funk that bridges George Clinton, boogie, DJ Quik, and the LA beat scene. Thankfully, Dam-Funk has a new EP out, STFU (like everything else he’s released, it’s on Stones Throw), and it augurs a winning follow-up in the forthcoming Invite the Light.

Until that full-length emerges, you can tide yourself over with today’s 12 O’Clock Track, “Free.” It’s more than eight minutes of shimmering keyboards, SOS Band’s rhythm section, and cruise-control funk. Play it on a loop at a cookout near you.