Break out the fine Colombian and the Cuervo gold: Steely Dan is coming to town to play four nights at the Chicago Theatre. On this so-called Rent Party ’09 tour–I’m sure Walter Becker and Donald Fagen are really feeling the effects of the recession–they’ll do three “Classic Album (Plus)” Nights here, featuring Aja on August 31, Gaucho on September 1, and The Royal Scam on September 3, all played top to bottom. The fourth show, September 4, is “Takin’ It to the Seats” Internet Request Night, where ticketholders will determine the set list by voting for songs online.

Tickets go on sale Saturday, June 6, at 11 AM, and are only slightly obscenely priced ($72-$226). The press release notes that “Steely Dan has teamed up with I Love All Access to offer VIP packages for the band’s most dedicated fans,” which means you can probably still get really fleeced if you feel that’s necessary.

I’m tempted to see if I can make this my own personal four-day Steely Dan endurance test. I’m just afraid of the type of man that experience will turn me into.