• courtesy of Drag City Records
  • Dan’l Boone

I’ve only listened to the eponymous debut of Dan’l Boone, which was released by Drag City on Tuesday, a few times this week, and I feel pretty certain it will take many additional spins to fully let the work sink in. The recording was originally planned as a new album by Drainolith, the solo project of Denver’s Alex Moskos, a former member of AIDS Wolf, but in sessions with Neil Hagerty (Howling Hex), Nate Young (Wolf Eyes), and Charles Ballas (Format), it quickly transformed into something else altogether—a swirling, dizzying, and druggy bacchanalia of multidirectional chaos.

Drum machines, detuned guitars, analog synthesizers, turntables, robotic vocals, and other stray bits of noise and dissonance tumble and collide, sometimes without any clear logic, in clearly delineated layers. My ears need more time to figure out which way to go, as there are so many discrete threads, but rarely has confusion sounded so exhilarating and rich. There seem to be clear antecedents—Twin Infinitives-era Royal Trux, Throbbing Gristle, early Cabaret Voltaire—but Dan’l Boone certainly comes closest to the sound of Drainolith than any other project the participants are presently involved in. This shit ain’t easygoing, and it’s decidedly rough around the edges, filled with queasy textures and turbulent movements, but there’s something special about a record that can both annoy and provoke—Dan’l Boone keeps pulling me in even though I know it may not be good for me. Below you can check out the video for “Mindface,” which presents a twisted, postpsych series of warped images very much in tune with the music.

Dan’l Boone is playing its first-ever live show tonight at the Owl. It’ll reconvene on Friday night at Experimental Sound Studio, sharing a bill with the trio of Jason Soliday, Jon Satrom, and Alejandro Morales.

Today’s playlist:

Chet Baker, Plays the Best of Lerner & Lowe (OJC/Riverside)
Chi-Lites, The Complete Chi-Lites on Brunswick Records Volume 2 (Edsel)
Ryan Francis, Works for Piano (Tzadik)
Christoph Erb, Erb Alone (Veto)
Cylinder, Cylinder (Clean Feed)