Danny's Tavern's door will remain open for the foreseeable future. Credit: MATT JENCIK

The future of longtime DJ-night destination Danny’s Tavern has been in peril over the past few weeks, with the bar’s landlord threatening eviction. Nothing a little grassroots campaigning couldn’t put an end to.  

Terry Alexander, the managing partner of One Off Hospitality and one of the three partners involved in Danny’s, says a new lease is imminent thanks to the landlord’s “response to all of the petitions, blogs, articles in magazines and stories on the Internet” that have advocated to keep the beloved bar open.

Alexander put out the following statement this afternoon via e-mail: 

On behalf of my partners Michael Noone & Kevin Stacy and the staff of Danny’s, we want to thank everyone for their encouragement and loyalty. We have been humbled by the outpouring of support to keep the Tavern open from friends across the country. If it weren’t for folks speaking out about the possible closing, we may have been looking at our final month of business after 26 years. But fortunately our landlord has reached back out to us in response to all of the petitions, blogs, articles in magazines and stories on the internet, and we’re currently working towards signing another lease and repairing the roof that is quickly deteriorating. Our goal is to finalize the repair of the building and sign a new lease by the end of the November or early next month so we can all have a Happy Holiday. Let us raise our can of Schlitz to many more years of drinks, dancing and good times at Danny’s Tavern.

When the Reader last checked in with the bar’s managing owner Kevin Stacy, he remained optimistic: “I’m hoping to hear that the lawyers work something out that keeps us open. . . . I haven’t given up hope.”

And apparently neither did the bar’s longtime devotees, whose voices were heard.