As you may recall, Three Floyds instituted a ticketing system for this year’s Dark Lord Day, to attempt to prevent the bottle scalping, line jumping, and other bad behavior that made 2008’s event so frustrating for so many beer lovers (myself included).

I managed to wake up early enough to order a couple Golden Tickets to DLD 2009 online–they all sold out in roughly four hours–and yesterday they finally arrived in the mail. (Dark Lord Day is April 25 this year.) I figure everybody else got theirs at about the same time, because almost immediately it became clear that FFF’s antiscalping efforts had only displaced the problem: the $10 tickets started showing up on Craigslist for as much as $150. Several eBay auctions are under way as well, and one pair of tickets–a $20 pair of tickets, mind you–had been bid up to $14,999.44 the last time I looked.

Three Floyds apparently caught wind of this misbehavior, because this Craigslist post, quite clearly from the brewery, went up today:

Do yourselves a favor. If you decide to support scalpers and buy golden tickets from craigslist, understand a few things. You DO NOT NEED a Golden Ticket to attend Dark Lord Day and have a great time. The Golden Ticket is not for admission to the festival. It is only to guarantee you the opportunity to buy a couple bottles of Dark Lord. Going to the Fest and enjoying the bands and entertainment is free. Without a Golden Ticket you will still be able to drink Dark Lord and many other amazing beers on draft. Also, If you buy a Golden Ticket for $100 or so, don’t be surprised IF more become available at the original $10 price from the brewery as the brewery finishes bottling Dark Lord or on the day of the event. The ticket itself has almost no value and gets you only the opportunity to purchase a couple bottles of beer (which these scammers will probably soon be selling on ebay for less than they are asking for the Golden Tickets).

Seriously, Dark Lord is pretty incredible–it’d have to be for me to get up at 6 AM to order those damn tickets–but the right to buy a few bottles isn’t worth a hundred bucks, much less 15 grand. There’s a depression going on, people! I really hope that the two bidders who sent those tickets through the roof are doing it to sabotage the auction, and that neither intends to pay up.

Philip Montoro

Philip Montoro has been an editorial employee of the Reader since 1996 and its music editor since 2004. Pieces he has edited have appeared in Da Capo’s annual Best Music Writing anthologies in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, and 2011. He shared two Lisagor Awards in 2019 for a story on gospel pioneer Lou Della Evans-Reid, and he’s also split two national awards from the Association of Alternative Newsmedia: one for multimedia in 2019 for his work on the TRiiBE collaboration the Block Beat, and one in in 2020 for editing the music writing of Reader staffer Leor Galil. Philip has played scrap metal in Lozenge, drummed with the Disasters, the Afflictions, and Brilliant Pebbles, and sung for the White Outs. He wrote the column Beer and Metal from 2012 till 2015, and hopes to do so again one day. You can also follow him on Twitter.